Welcome to the real Venice


How we live Venice, for you.

Inside Venice is a travel and a life journal, notes from a friend about maybe the most beautiful city in the world. It is to discover places, meet people and experience in a different way, only like a true Venetian could do it or like someone who knows Venice very well and really loves it. Itineraries, events, places to see. Eat, drink, sleep, feel good, lagoon, islands, history and treasures to discover. A Good Life.

Who lives here knows that this is an amazing experience. Here is our wish to take you inside Venice to get to know it the way we feel it.


Casa Flora Design-Apart: Part 1
Proud to present the video about the design phase of Casa Flora Project! We worked in partnership with Design-Apart, some ...
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The Flower House
On Thursday 11th June, Inside Venice will open the summer season with a special evening dedicated to the world of ...
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Casa Flora Design-Apart
We are delighted to present Casa Flora Design-Apart and our Insider will have the honour and the pleasure to tell ...
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Henri Rousseau. The Archaic Candour
Where if not in Venice, which dedicated a room to him during the Biennale of 1950, could such an ambitious ...
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Le Stanze del Vetro / The Finnish Glass
The Venice Biennale itself has dedicated a space in the Venice Pavilion. The Glass Rooms/Le stanze del Vetro, the long ...
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