Food delivery and sustainability. The Cocai Express service: runners arrive by walking

Friday, November 13, 2020 Permalink

Whoever has found themselves munching something while promenading through Venice already knows seagulls – the so called “cocai” in dialect. They are very alert animals, particularly astute when it comes to stealing food. Cocai Express is a food delivery service that takes its name exactly from this animal, by now a distinctive symbol of this lagoon city.

The idea came from a group of friends in order to aid the restoration business, strained by two recent events that in short time put this city to the test. First, the extraordinary flooding in November 2019, then the travel restrictions due to the covid-19 emergency. The aim is to help Venetian restoration activities that after the sudden drop in tourism have felt the need for support of local clients and a valid delivery service.

Guglielmo, Giovanni and Tommaso have confronted with the absence of this food delivery service for Venetian citizens, unlike other big cities where it has been offered for years. Here, mobility is strictly limited by the city’s conformation, which does not allow quick movements, as modern rhythms require. Therefore runners only deliver by foot, serving the whole historical city center.

Besides the delivery business, Cocai Express aims to fulfill long-term purposes the city could benefit from and to find a just compromise between offering the public an efficient service and pursue a healthy way of communicating, always true to its own values. It is important to consider the attention the founders put into their team, in its formation and accountability. Cocai Express went from a simple, Facebook-based volunteering work during trying times, to a proper local start-up which, thanks to positive reviews, is destined to serve the city permanently. Many gastronomic activities have already decided to lean on this service: from restaurants, wineries and beer-houses, to gelaterie and bakeries.

This way everyone gets satisfied: restaurateurs, residents and visitors. And of course the Inside Venice team!


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