The Dressed Room

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 Permalink

A room, the first one by Raptus and Rose, a unique piece.

The new room in the Novecento Boutique Hotel is the gift we gave you for the Venice Fashion Night.


It is there every day waiting for a new guest. The bed like a cloud, tapestries from the 70s, watercolour and Indian ink hand painted silk curtains, period lampshades covered with fabrics from all over the world and Venetian beads. It is a physical space, something that is there and will remain, and much more than that; it tells the story of an atmosphere. A little gem that adds up to the charm of an inn, which seems to belong to a distant and special universe.


To change the way we usually see things, eleven models enlivened it with glee, brightness and cheerfulness during the Venetian evening dedicated to Fashion. We were there and it was nice to see that the Venice Fashion Night really brought fantastic and fresh energy to the city; you could feel it in the streets. A different Venice, if we want to say that. One of the best parties you cannot miss.


Many people will stay in this room, traveller after traveller, many things will happen and everybody will leave their trace. Stories never end.



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