Birdwatching in The Lagoon


Sheltered from the movement and noises of a city that wakes up at the break of dawn, protected by the laguna, flamingos, hawks, swans and herons rest. It is possible to observe them on Venetian sandbars, where they nest and hunt. You will live this experience with the guidance of the local sports Association “Fie a Manetta”.

Period: from the beginning of April to the end of December
Duration: 3 h, 4 people max
Place: departure from the city center

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    Fie a Manetta is a certified sports association founded by Marta Canino with the goal of providing boat lessons to those eager to gain confidence in their driving and approach lagoon boating responsibly and consciously.

    While boat lessons stand as their primary activity, Fie a Manetta happily collaborates with Inside Venice, whose purpose is to bridge the gap between locals and travellers, offering experiences that showcase Venice’s canals and the city itself from a unique, authentic perspective. 

    By purchasing and participating in this activity, you are not just securing a memorable experience, but also lending your support to a meaningful association and their community projects.

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