Eigenart Masked Lavater


A work dedicated to Venice and the Plague Doctor. “Lavater” are a series of pendants handmade by the artist Valentina Romen. The bronze jewels are made with the lost wax technique and take inspiration from Johann Caspar Lavater and its physiognomic studies and the “Character Heads” by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt. The jewel is not only about the fusion of materials, but for Valentina is the ideal encounter of visions coming from different expressive worlds. Every piece of the collection is unique.

Color: Yellow bronze
Materials: Bronze, waxed cotton cord
Availability: Unique pieces with a slight difference; two weeks of production
Information: Bronze is an alloy that with time loses its brilliance. It’s very easy to clean! With water and soap, rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.

Possibility to customize the jewel with simple personalized engravings without any additional costs.

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