Fulvio Roiter | Tre Oci

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This time, if you walk a few steps into “Casa dei Tre Oci” (House of the Three Eyes), an extraordinary building that combines neogothic and avantgarde with traditional architecture, being inspired by the traditional Venetian “Fondaco”, it will let you cover the distance between the renowned and the known. We all know that Venice is the ...

La Zucca

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A homage to the tastes of vegetables without being necessarily a vegetarian restaurant. We find ourselves in Santa Croce, an intimate neighbourhood off the beaten track, a few steps from Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio. La Zucca is a tavern offering an alternative cuisine, this is how its owners like to call it. Service is attentive, friendly and ...

In the mood for San Barnaba

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Ensconced in the heart of Dorsoduro, Calle Lunga San Barnaba reveals a special nature to its inquisitive explorers, that of out of the way and relaxing places. This intersection of calli, campi and rii should be savoured over the course of an entire day, with a mix of strolling, shopping, culture and fine dining. So ...

Casa Flora | Your Local Experience

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Venice is all: the lagoon, the sea, the islands and the mainland.
A chef from our team will guide you and surprise you, in a culinary walk to discover hidden treasures of our city, locally grown products, histories of passion and extraordinary people.

Please feel the city in a different way with us, like only a Venetian or who really loves Venice can do.
To learn, interact and nurture the culture of the city.


Northernmost of Venice

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One of the least known and yet interesting areas of Venice is the one that includes Campo, Fondamenta and Sacca della Misericordia, that passes through Campo and Fondamenta dell’Abazia and crosses Campo dei Mori until Fondamenta della Sensa. These are not touristic places and maybe for this reason you can feel a unique and pleasant sense ...