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Orsola Mainardis is an artist born and raised in the heart of Venice.

For more than ten years she has been designing and manufacturing glass crystals jewellery. Thanks to a refined and long-standing experience in the crystal beads craft, she personally looks after every detail of her accessories, from the colours combination of, to the choice of fine materials. Each stage of the work is performed by Orsola Mainardis herself, offering refined artisan solutions as well as top quality results in the made in Italy manufacture.


Hi Orsola, we are happy to talk with you and find out more about your creations. What inspires you to keep going? How did you approach the world of jewelry?


My city and the world of fashion have always been the focus of my inspiration. With a background in event organization, I began to craft jewelry and accessories made of glass crystals as a hobby. This was the only way to take care of my beloved father until his death. This pastime has thus become my craftsmanship: a passion to rediscover and convey the typically Venetian refinement.


We know that in addition to necklaces and bracelets, you started to produce beautiful bags, clutch purse and shoes that you decorate carefully. Where can we see your works?


The whole reality of Orsola Mainardis Jewels emerges in my atelier in the Dorsoduro district, a workshop accessible to guests by appointment. Here, in the historic center of Venice, they can closely appreciate my story as well as my creations.


Orsola Mainardis

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