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The appointment with this winter break is in the lagoon, in Venice, for its real rhythms, the Venetians’ routine. In Turner-like watercolours.
Galleries, museums, institutions, theatres are open and operating with exhibitions and intresting events. Through desert alleys, so elegantly lonely, silent, under the sun and the cold. Maybe one of the town’s best outfits, which only a few know.

So, here you are at least 3 good reasons, one per month, to come and come again.

At Guggenheim, till 27th January, you’ll have the opportunity to discover “L’Ultima Dogaressa”, tribute to Peggy, patron of the arts and icon of the city. The Museum pays its tribute to the 70 years passed from his arrival in Palazzo Venier dei Leoni and from her first contemporary sculpture exhibition. As well as to the 40 years from her decease. Fresh off the presses, moreover, the long awaited book which narrates for the first time the whole Peggy Guggenheim’s career, curated by Karole P.B. Vail.

February is not just Carnival. Punta della Dogana presents two SETUP nights dedicated to music, dance and performance. The charming architectural framework will form the background to artists from all over the world, to their gestures, sounds and images.
Among mood indie, avant-pop, electronical, techno and afro, a very succesful way to exploit the spaces, which are in constant transformation from an exhibition to the other. Friday 7 and Saturday 8 February, from 8PM to 2AM.

For March we’ll be moving to San Giorgio’s island to visit the new exhibition of Le Stanze del Vetro. “Venice and American Studio Glass” tells about the influence the traditional Venetian glass had on the production of the American studio from the ’60 till today. An extraordinary selection of 155 glassworks from overseas artists and designers, through sculptures, vases and installations. Curated by Tina Oldknow and William Warmus.

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