The Biennale Architettura 2021 will open to the public on 22/05

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How will we live together? This is the title of the 17th Edition of the Biennale Architettura, which this year will open to the public on May 22nd and will end on November 21st, curated by the architect of Lebanese origin Hashim Sarkis.


It is an open and difficult question, that makes us think again about our relationships with others as well as ourselves; political, geographical, ecological ones. A theme, that of architecture, which does not stop at calculations and constructions, and is not limited by a spatial matter but digs deeper in the social imaginary.


The architecture world has the duty to employ its best instruments to find solutions and answers to a question that, considering recent events as the important migrations of populations, the intensification of the climate crisis, the political instabilities all over the world, and inserts itself in political and extremely present discourse.

And the fact that the theme has been proposed a few months before the pandemic gains an even more functional role.


Therefore this is an edition that invites architects – but also claims our attention – to reflect, to design and re-imagine our existence to sign – recalling the words of its curator – a new contract with space, which becomes a contract with society. Just as last year’s case, when we re-established our presence, created our spaces for new rules of collective living, to get back together in schools, squares and museums.


Through architecture we can offer alternative ways of living together.”


Some numbers:


114 participants competing at the Mostra Internazionale, coming from 46 countries.

5 thematic areas distributed from the Arsenale to the Padiglione Centrale at the Giardini.

17 collateral events distributed in various places of the city.

62 National Participations in total, with 4 new countries which will be taking part for the first time (Azerbaijan Republic, Grenada, Iraq and Uzbekistan).



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