What is essential is visible to the eye

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“I like working by subtraction, looking for essentiality.”


With the Support [Inside] Venice initiative we like to savor the city slowly. We like to walk through alleys and town squares to discover the most authentic activities, brands, designers, and share all this beauty with you. We wish to guide you in the search for an inimitable Venice the next time you roam around here.


On this occasion we spent a morning in the Micromega laboratories along with Roberto Carlon and his sons Ugo and Giulio, where they produce eyeglasses together. For those who love elegance, those who have a minimal, extravagant taste… with a pinch of foolishness. It is no coincidence that “mega” personalities like Elton John, the actress Emma Thompson and Yoko Ono chose this “micro” – so to say – workshop in the San Marco district.


Micromega’s specialty resides in an extremely essential assembly, which does not employ screws, glue and welding, making the glasses – as Roberto tells us as he walks through the tables of his laboratory, a few steps from the shop – some of the lightest and most flexible in the world. The simplest model has a peculiar tie between the lens, as there is just a thin titanium strand sewing their parts together.


Every piece is custom-made, with an extremely vast choice of shapes, models and colors. Roberto and all of his co-workers respond positively to new ideas and requests; during the years they devised, patented and received the most bizarre ones!


The Micromega store can be found in calle delle Ostreghe, very close to Casa Flora, Hotel Flora and Novecento.

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