Our site began with the intention of offering our visitors an alternative online guide to the city.
We have chosen walks, places to visit, restaurants, shops and events which we particularly like as they represent the best on offer in Venice.
Inside Venice is an online guide compiled by Venetians, where the places, events, excursions and information is the result of a careful search to find the best Venice can offer, above all to its inhabitants and thus also for visitors who are seeking the real city: an open book about the soul of Venice, a map to reach its heart.

Inside Venice provides alternative routes to discover the authentic city which still exists but is becoming increasingly more hidden: a city which appears transported back in time and which has escaped the march of mass tourism.

Its aim is to suggest the places which provide the most authentic portrait of the city, tips we would give to a close friend visiting Venice.
Inside Venice also gives our users help and information to organise their holiday before arriving at our selected hotels, the Flora and Novecento Boutique Hotel.

As with the sites of our recommend hotels, Hotel Flora and Novecento Boutique Hotel, our intention is to provide you with a different perspective of the city, a deeper view than the usual guides, which often ignore or pass over many of the most characteristic aspects of the city. At Inside Venice we focus on the true city of Venice. It is important to remember that all the businesses appearing on our site, shops, restaurants etc. are all selected for their quality and because in our opinion they provide the best choices for your holiday. We do not accept payment from any businesses for including them.