Estro, creative inspiration, in name and fact

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We like it for its short and direct name, for its atmosphere, for the delicious and tasty dishes it offers, that are prepared with care and passion. We like it because behind the counter in Estro, we can find Dario and Alberto Spezzamonte, two nice and resourceful young men from Murano, and because you can eat from 12 to 12 and you can enjoy its excellent selection of wines.


Tramezzino sandwich enthusiasts, please come in. As soon as you enter, an original selection, offering unusual and creative combinations of ingredients will strike you.

Home – made mixed boiled meat with mustard, mackerel and onions, salmon, oranges and mascarpone cheese, ginger and prawns. You can also find the “francobollo” (as small as a stamp) portion and some cicchetti (Venetian tapas) made to perfection, such as meatballs, creamy codfish, little rolls with anchovies. The selection varies according to the daily shopping and the inspiration of the chef.

In the two rooms of the restaurant, you can find a blend of different materials such as corten steel, Murano glass and wood coming from the bricole (wooden mooring posts).

On a dull and rainy mid – autumn day, a late lunch as per usual, we have tried the fish special of the day, extraordinary Moeche in Saor (soft – shell crabs in a tangy sweet marinade made from onion, pine nuts and sultanas), the vegetable soup with poached eggs and vegetable lasagne. Everything is simply delicious. The menu offers sourdough focaccia bread, a real delicacy, and Al-Burger; while in the evening you can try a full tasting menu, (a mini version menu is also available).


The wine cellar stands out for its top quality labels, characteristic and personal, which have been personally selected by the producers. There is a story behind every single bottle. We have tasted an excellent 2012 Garganega Monte Carbonare. You can also buy bottles and any wine bottle can be opened for at least two glasses. It is located between Campo Santa Margherita and Frari.




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