Three stops [Inside] Rialto

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Permalink

Walking under the Portico degli Oresei, close to the Ponte of Rialto, we will take you to discover our favorite local activities.


Tabinotabi offers a collection of sartorial clothes, realized from specifically treated seaweed to create fabrics with natural fibers. From Alessandra’s creative genius kimonos, clothes and extremely delicate night robes come to life. Between the other materials in the creation process we can find bamboo fibers, derivates from banana trees and mint. These products of excellent quality, far from the logic of fast fashion, are conceived for sensitive skin-types or those who simply do not wish to give up tender fabrics.



A few steps from there we can complete our outfits with the “Furlane”, comfortable slippers signed Piedaterre. Born in the 1800 in the countryside of Friuli, they are extremely popular between gondolieri. Their soft and anti-slipping soles are ideal to avoid scratches in the gondole’s paint and keep balance while rowing. Made by women who recycled waste materials – like the shreds of worn-out long skirts -, Furlane enrich their style and broaden horizons in Venice. With an innovative touch, Alessandra and Renato created a variety of models and thought of unique chromatic patterns without ever forgetting the heritage of an historical tradition.



Once the bridge is crossed past us, a culinary stop at Sepa is a must, both to freshen up with a selection of local wines and beers and to not miss an authentic Venetian-style cicchetto. From sardines in saor, to cuttlefish with polenta or vegetarian patties, there is something for all tastes!




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