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How we live Venice, for you.

Inside Venice is a travel and a life journal, notes from a friend about maybe the most beautiful city in the world. It is to discover places, meet people and experience in a different way, only like a true Venetian could do it or like someone who knows Venice very well and really loves it. Itineraries, events, places to see. Eat, drink, sleep, feel good, lagoon, islands, history and treasures to discover. A Good Life.

Who lives here knows that this is an amazing experience. Here is our wish to take you inside Venice to get to know it the way we feel it.


Valeria Boncompagni
Valeria Boncompagni – Inside Venice Interviews
Under the porticoes of Piazza San Marco, the Boncompagni family has been selecting and selling jewels of great quality and ...
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What is essential is visible to the eye
“I like working by subtraction, looking for essentiality.” With the Support [Inside] Venice initiative we like to savor the city ...
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Micheluzzi Glass
Micheluzzi Glass – Inside Venice Interviews
Balancing tradition and innovation, Micheluzzi Glass is the project by Elena and Margherita, two Venetian sisters who decided to continue ...
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The Artists’ kitchen
It’s Francesca and Vincenzo’s warm hospitality that makes Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti a special place for those who seek the ...
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Orsola Mainardis
Orsola Mainardis – Inside Venice Interviews
Orsola Mainardis is an artist born and raised in the heart of Venice. For more than ten years she has ...
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Juls Criveller
Juls Criveller – Inside Venice Interviews
“My name is Giulia but everybody calls me Juls”. Juls Criveller is an all-round visual designer. Specialized in hand lettering ...
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