The incredible life of the Marquise

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From 4th October, “Autumn at Palazzo Fortuny” will pay homage to the extraordinary figure of the Marquise Luisa Casati, eccentric character of the early XX century.

The Divine Marquise, as the poet D’Annunzio called her, with her exaggerated make-up, her transgressive performances and her over the top lifestyle, she was able to make a piece of art out of herself, a living legend of modernity and avant-garde. Gifted with an unconventional beauty and with a megalomaniac and narcissistic temper, she became the muse of the greatest artists of her time. Provocative fashion icon and an early dark- lady of the performing arts and body arts, she was famous for her evening walks in St. Mark’s Square, semi-naked with her cheetahs on a leash and python around her neck. Nowhere would be more appropriate than Palazzo Fortuny to host such an incredible and unique story.


The palace has been the atelier-house of Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo since 1919, a fabric designer, photographer, decorator, painter and set designer. The temporary exhibitions give the possibility to the visitors to admire Fortuny’s creations and his study on the noble floor of the Palace, which has remained untouched. The Library is rich of décor furniture, objects, precious art, and technology volumes.

A place full of with dreams, research, mysticism and gothic atmospheres with limitless creativity. A palace that represents a story itself and more (overlapping) stories together at the same time. You can always come back and visit it when in Venice, because every time it is a new discovery, new nourishment for your eyes and spirit.



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