Bucintoro and Inside Venice for #veniceplasticfree

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This story begins over 130 years ago. A story made of Olympics, town regattas and amateur competitions, coming right to our days to mix up sport, culture, solidarity and environmental committment.

The Reale Società Canottieri Bucintoro1882  takes form to promote and  facilitate the use of the oars, and from then on the tradition always remained anchored to the town of which is an unexchangeable core part.

Sport activities embrace all the rowing specialities, from the traditional voga alla Veneta to the canoe, the lug sail, the simple row, the dragon boat, with a special care for young and children.

In 2008 a new pioneering project got started: tranform the Magazzini del sale (“Salt Warehouse”) in a place of aggregation opened to every citizen of the world, in a place unique in the world, in the world’s most incredibile city.

From here on, a complete restoration (both physical and funcional) begins: every room, hall and space becomes the field of a whole reinterpretation. Which includes the creation of a new History Museum, along with an intense work of studying and cataloguing every trophy, record, document and photography. And the organization of events and exhibitions, literary salons, sustain and solidarity actions for minorances and persons with disabilities or diseases.

And, last but not least, a sensibilisation campaign about the #plasticfree movement. It strarts from the simple good will and little habits everyone shares: recycling, the abolition of throwaway plastics for parties, lunches and convivial moments; specific containers for the residues the associates collect during their boat trips; boats equipped with specific nets so that anyone can contribute to the sea cleaning; aluminum water bottles to quench the thirst during the excursions, and tissue bags for the shopping – and most of all, to spread the message.

We support them and share the #veniceplasticfree goal, that’s why we sailed together the lagoon for a concrete cleaning up action, to remove the plastic that dirties our waters.

Gianni the veteran, Francesco, Marco, Carlotta, Riccardo, Gioele. To the cameras (and for a little rowing) Francesca. The plastic-hunter team is set, an atmosphere of unity and fun it’s soon done.

We cross the dock to veer to the south lagoon, we coast the island of San Clemente, Santo Spirito, where an ancient gun magazine was, Sacca Sessola. 2 hours of intense rowing among sandbars and dunes, silence, birds, plants, stories and legends.


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