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The exhibition “Futuruins” will take place until the 24th March in the iconic Palazzo Fortuny.

A journey that ranges between ancient times and contemporary art, explores the theme of ruins: allegory of the inevitable passing of time, uncertain and ever-changing, contended between death and life, destruction and creation, between Nature and Culture.

The over 250 pieces that will be exhibited come from the Venetian Civic Museums, the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, in addition to public and private Italian and international collections. In line with the tradition of the Fortuny’s projects, there is also a series of pieces designed especially for “Futuruins” that offer new inputs for a reflection on the present. From the first mythology on destruction and war devastation of the past century, to the “iconoclastic terrorism” of Palmyra, to the Twin Towers ruins.
Ruins can be a foundation to build the future, to make possible new Renaissance, as reminds us the famous arts historian Salvatore Settis. Towards a renewed awareness that will open us to the future and the confrontation with the otherness.

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