Inside Venice Map makes you crazy!

Saturday, May 4, 2019 Permalink 2

A renewed graphic style and colors, an innovative paper produced with lagoon algae.

We have chosen for you the best food experts: 21 restaurants, from the star chefs to the ethnic ones, the most authentic addresses for cicchetti and drinks, the historical cafés in luxury locations; and even more, patisseries, groceries and shops where you can buy the best of local food and wine.

And even more 34 references for shopping, with special attention to artisanal and tailored micro-productions; islands and treasures to be discovered, a selection of places from monuments, foundations, galleries and theaters to the best observation points to admire the city and the most suggestive walks.

Don’t forget to fill your water bottles at fountains in the strategic points of the city to support our Venice Plastic Free project.

Inside Venice Map is our personal and independent “Best Of” for a city that still (and always) leaves us amazed; guests of Casa Flora, Novecento and Hotel Flora will no longer be able to do without!


PS: Find us on the back cover! Do you guess who we are?


Inside Venice Map, design by Giacomo Torsani

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