La Zucca

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A homage to the tastes of vegetables without being necessarily a vegetarian restaurant.

We find ourselves in Santa Croce, an intimate neighbourhood off the beaten track, a few steps from Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio.

La Zucca is a tavern offering an alternative cuisine, this is how its owners like to call it. Service is attentive, friendly and informal – just enough to make you feel good.


Its menu changes according to the seasons, you can find casseroles and asparagus flan with parmesan fondue, hummus and friggitelli (sweet green little peppers), pumpkin and carrot pureed soup, lasagnas, a jazzed up version of pasta a la Norma (pasta with fried aubergines and salted ricotta). As for meat dishes you can try lamb, rabbit, skewers and spicy chicken; and vegetable masterpieces such as artichokes hearts, Sicilian-style peppers, baked spinach, carrots with lime and coriander, aubergines with yoghurt sauce. You must try at least once the vegetarian dish with rice or cous cous.

It is nice to find Venetian traditions in the dishes combined with a touch of originality.



In winter, you can take a seat inside, the atmosphere is warm and modern, just 40 seats, wood walls and an open kitchen. In summer try to book a table al fresco, the tables are at the foot of a cast iron bridge and the calle (street) is very quiet.

Look up, the tavern sign is wonderful.


If you get there by boat, you can moor and go in through the door on the canal. It can’t get more Venetian than this…


Book immediately!


Ph. +39 041 524 1570



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