The Artists’ kitchen

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It’s Francesca and Vincenzo’s warm hospitality that makes Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti a special place for those who seek the authentic tastes of a Venetian cuisine which although does not renounce to innovative changes.


We meet in the early morning at the open-air Rialto market, where they regularly stock-up before dedicating theirselves to their art. The Rialto market, which becomes a crowded crosswalk as early as the first hours of the morning, is the city’s traditional commercial and aggregation space, where high quality local products have been offered since always. The laguna’s fresh smells and uplifting voices of those announcing unmissable deals guide the people passing by through the food stands.


Here Francesca and Chico – right hand of the Osteria-Enoteca and lively participant in this and many other stories – are at home: with a secure step they make their way through the crowd straight to the following purchase, even though every occasion to stop for a chat with a friend is well welcomed. The risk of spending the morning in chit-chats and wine glasses is behind the corner (of every bar!), Chico confesses us.


The Artisti’s kitchen is a never-ending work on research on raw materials. They all agree on defining it as passion, which not only they express in the primi and secondi piatti, but also in the local wines’ selection which privileges small-medium producers.


In this place you can savor the taste of conviviality along with C. and F., which will certainly entertain you with intriguing stories on the city, and maybe reveal you a few culinary secrets… Do you already know how to tell the moeche – the small Venetian crabs – fished in Burano from those fished in another spot of the laguna?



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