Where photography feels at home. Lewis Hine at ‘Ai Tre Oci’ museum and Venice defends itself

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Permalink

Photography comes back in style in this Venetian autumn with two exhibitions at the Casa Tre Oci, the lovely Art Noveau masterpiece building.

Venice defends itself 1915-1918 tells the story in over 300 pictures of the unusual situation Venice experienced during the Great War, showing what was done at the time to protect the city and its heritage. An intense exhibition that helps us fix our collective memory. The exhibition itinerary focuses on both defensive strategies and on the difficult everyday life, the black out, the air-raid shelters, the hospitals, and the debris removal.

LEWIS HINE. Building a nation shows for the first time original works coming from the collection of Rosenblum family from New York. The core of 60 exhibition vintage prints presents the famous builders of the Empire State Building and the immigrants of Ellis Island, the Pittsburgh report, child labour in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia. A master example of “social photography” where it is easy to catch a sense of astonishment and respect for the greatness of human nature.



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